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the wanted list:

things that i'm particularly looking for... although i may buy any!

vintage / antique billiards and snooker cues:

player cues:

joe davis:
from peradon: 500/600 centuries, special cue, all in hand spliced form
from ej riley: joe davis tombstone cues, particularly 135/140 black badges or mind 114/138 in white badged form

tom newman
from burroughes & watts: worlds record 1024 and 1274, record break 1370

john roberts
from peradon: 1899 facsimile cue

other players:
any edward diggle, william cook, willie smith, william green, charles dawson, or tom reece cues considered.

makers cues:

ej riley: riley break prize, tournament cue, horace lindrum tombstone, perfect cue, professional cue
any cue from: w jelks & sons, cox & yemen

other cues:
any player picture plate cues
any cues featuring a presentation plate

other vintage billiards and snooker items

ivory snooker balls / ivory billiards balls

if you've never had a knock with the ivories, i can highly recommend it - this is where antique balls should be, on the billiard table. it's sad to see most balls these days are sold to be chopped up for repairing bagpipes or similar (i believe it's illegal to rework even antique ivory.. but that's another story..).

snooker / billiard table plates

pictures and details to be added

snooker and billiards trade/sales catalogues:

these were booklets sent out by manufacturers to retailers and end customers to showcase their products. i'm interested in all eras of catalogues from the first date they appear (i've seen some from the 1800's), up until the powerglide catalogues of the 1990's. my interest in these items is predominantly for researching my own cues, and for helping me date cues and provide info to the many people who contact me though my website asking for info about their own old cue finds. i'd be delighted if anyone has scanned copies of such items, would be willing to send me the scans to aid me with this task. i will not post any scans received to public areas of the website.

some examples of the catalogues are shown below: (burroughes & watts teasers, house of thurston, riley burwat etc)

things that friends and acquaintances are looking for...

billiards scoring paddle
burwat champion cue (one in need of tlc or repair)
antique bar billiards table