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where you can see old cues restored to their original condition or better!

i'm very thankful that i'm lucky enough to have a couple of fantastic cue makers and restorers local to me, namely craftsman cues of kippax, and andy travis of sheffield.
i thought that it was long overdue that i added a page to the oldcues website to showcase their talents, and to thank them for the time effort and passion both have always shown for bringing my sick old cues back to good health!

you'll read in many places that to restore an antique snooker or billiard cue is an act of pure evil, the worst of the deadly sins, and likely to send you directly to hell.. in some cases i do agree with that, where there is no real problems with cues, and when cues are particularly rare i'd never suggest messing with them in any way. however, not all old cues are at all rare, and some are in terrible condition - so in these cases i see nothing wrong with restoring a cue to it's former glory.. indeed i like to think that the person who originally crafted the cue (probably looking down from above), would be proud how fantastic their old creation scrubs up.

andy travis - transformations!

ok selected cue - burnley billiards

a sorry cue indeed when this one came to me. i had thought it might be easier to list what was right with the cue, but having spent ten minutes thinking about it i could only come up with 'the badge looked clear and an unusual style', but i'm not even sure that badge belongs to this cue, so we'll go back to listing the problems.
the most obvious thing is the crack down the front splice which has been filled with silicone (the reason for the crack became apparent during the repair), the front splice is also lifting on the side and filled with more silicone, there's also lead protruding from the bottom of the cue. the condition of the cue in general is poor, and due to the way the cue was packed i presume (it looked quite straight in the pics below), the cue has a bend around 18" from the tip which must be 2-3 inches out of line! yes.. another cue posted with no protection at all.. i despair. oh and the ferrule was hanging off too!

andy performed miracles with this cue (probably because i called it firewood, i think he took it as a challenge). sadly the original front splice could not be saved, it seems the splitting was caused by the previous owner ramming .22 air rifle pellets up the butt - or perhaps he shot them up there looking at the damage! a new front splice and veneer was fitted, as was a new ferrule and tip. the rest of the cue was expertly straightened and refinished to an as new condition, just look at that shine :).

andy, what can i say... you are a true artist with a cue.

more to come soon...
i haven't forgotten the sterling work from dave brown at craftsman either.. it's on it's way.