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welcome to the first part of the new history section of oldcues. i want this page to become a useful resource for people researching their old cues, be those cues in a collection, or cues found in the loft or inherited from a relative. i don't claim to have compiled all the info myself, much of it is available in the public domain already, but where i've used another website or source for the info here i've given due credit in the articles.

i know the days of selflessly helping other people seem to have passed a long time ago (bar a few a few exceptions), but if anyone would like to help build on the size and scope of this section, please get in touch it's going to be a large undertaking and i'd be very greatful of any help, snippets of info, or full articles you may be able to provide.

completed articles

Burroughes & Watts
Cowderoy Bland and Co
John Bennet & Co
Raper & Sons
Smith and Nelson

work in progress / coming soon

AW Chick
AW Gamage
C Rogerson
Cox & Yemen
EJ Riley
Fitzpatrick & Longley
Herbert Holt
Hixon & Sons
Jelks & Sons
Kent & Co
Lupton & Sons
Merrall & Co
Orme & Sons
Padmore & Sons
Parker & Sons
Stevens & Sons