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cue collecting: my story

the beginning

my journey into the world of cue collecting started as with many other collectors i’ve spoken to since, driven by the pursuit of the ‘perfect cue’! many years of fruitless experimentation with modern cues had led me to doubt their quality, rather than my ability, so armed with this new found knowledge, and some hope i started to delve into the mysterious and sometimes bewildering world of ‘oldcues’. although it’s now several year ago when my first cue arrived, i can still remember my excitement as hurriedly hacked into the packaging and finally revealed my salvation! my first old cue.. sadly it turned out the cue was defective! it hadn’t cured by dodgy cueing, poor eyesight, and tendency to shake a little too much on that pressure shot after all! it was however a lovely cue to play with, and despite the tip being ‘far too large’ and the weight being ‘far too light’, not to mention the fact someone had forgotten to fit a ¾ joint or and sd joint.. i liked it, i liked it a lot. soon i was researching my new cue online, and found to my surprise that people didn’t just buy cues to play with, some people collected them no less! some even created websites (neat idea that..) devoted to their collections, their hobby, or should that read their habit!

one becomes many.. a collector is born

it wasn’t long before my cue started to breed! my one old cue, became two, then three and so on.. i was sure each time a new cue arrived it would be the perfect one! i found each cue has its own character, its own quirks and its own history. i must admit now, had it not been for the efforts of david smith with his cuesnviews website, and gordon radford with thecuecollector, i may well have struggled to research the cues that kept just turning up on my doorstep, then it might not have been quite so exciting. not only did those sites provide invaluable information about cues i owned or had the opportunity to purchase, they also showed tantalising glimpses of cues so rare i’d be lucky to ever see one, let alone be privileged to own one myself! for much of my first year or so of cue collecting, the search for that magic cue persisted! i remember the disappointment when a cue turn up with a ‘bend’ in it, or one that vibrated like a tuning fork with the merest contact of a cue ball. i sold some lovely cues at this time because they weren’t playable, or just that i’d hoped they would be perfect and for whatever reason i considered them flawed – there are some i regret letting go to this day. eventually reality set in, and i finally accepted (begrudgingly), that there really is no magic cue, and the only way to improve in this game is to practise with dedication and enthusiasm. despite not finding my one cue (yet..), the pursuit of it reignited my enjoyment of the game, initilly english 8 ball pool, but later snooker – and i set about my game and improving it the old fashioned way, through hard work. at the ripe old age of 31 i began my first season of competitive snooker in a league team format - my team won the league for the first time in near 40 years! if you're fortunate(?) enough to play in the south bradford snooker league you may have seen me around..

this site..

oldcues.co.uk was born in the summer of 2009, with the aim of providing additional resource for fellow collectors, or anyone with an old snooker or billiards cue they’d like to know more about. it’s sometimes very hard work, and very slow going having no training at all in website design, and making the daft decision to craft the site 100% myself rather than using pre-built templates – but it has been enjoyable in a perverse way! i do find myself frustrated with it from time to time (i know what i want to do, just not how to do it!), so updates can be sporadic at times, but since the site started i’m glad to report i’ve have the opportunity to meet lots of fellow enthusiasts through it, so in my view it’s been more than worth it.
my ethos now several years after starting oldcues hasn't changed, i still aim to provide free and helpful advice to anyone with an interest in vintage cues, whether that be a seasoned collector or someone who found an old case in their loft. it seems these days you get very little for free - but rest assured my advice and assistance i can provide you'll never have to pay for.....